Name of the laboratories and PBL topics:

PBL laboratories in the College of Engineering Sciences:

Laboratory nameResearch outline & Web address
Functional Polymer Division
(Kanbara-Kuwahara Lab)
Device Physics Lab
(Sano Lab)
Semiconductor Materials Design Laboratory
(Sakurai Lab)
Nanomaterials science laboratory
(Kondo Lab)

Fuijta-Ito Lab
Marumoto Laboratory
Plasma Engineering and Science Laboratory
(Ezumi lab)
Semiconductor Optical Properties Laboratory
(Matsuishi Lab)

Environmentally Friendly Materials Lab
(Suemasu & Toko Lab )
Molecular Assembly and Optics Laboratory
(Yamamoto-Yamagishi Lab)
Surface Science Lab
(Yamada lab)
Nakamura Takeyasu Laboratory
Nanostructured Material Lab
(Tanimoto Lab)
Quantum computing
(Koizumi Lab )
Inorganic Energy & Environmental Materials Laboratory
(Yoshikazu Suzuki Lab)
Laboratory of Advanced Functional Materials
(Tokoro Lab)
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Laboratory

PBL laboratories in the College of Engineering System:

Intelligent and Mechanical Interaction Systems

Laboratory nameResearch outline & Web address
Manipulation System Laboratory
Virtual Reality Laboratory
Natural Language Processing Laboratory
Computer Vision and Image Media Lab.
Life Engineering  Laboratory
Information Theory Laboratory
Cybernics Laboratory
 Artificial Intelligent Laboratory
Intelligent Robot Laboratory
Neuroinformatics Laboratory
Reconfigurable Computing System Laboratory
Flexible Robotics Laboratory
Biological Information Processing Laboratory
Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Laboratory
Brain Informatics Laboratory
Acoustic Laboratory (Wireless communication, Intelligent Agriculture, and Intelligent Construction)
Acoustic Laboratory
eXtended Perception Laboratory
Bioinstrumentation System Laboratory
Visual Media Laboratory
Brain Communication Laboratory
Motion Control Laboratory
Control and Robotics Laboratory
Fumihide Tanaka Laboratory
Computational Intelligence and Multimedia Laboratory
Systems Modeling Laboratory
Entertainment Computing Laboratory
Digital Control Laboratory
Laboratory of Biomechanics
Machine Intelligence Laboratory
Niizato Laboratory
Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Feel Engineering Laboratory
Applied Haptics Laboratory
Instrumentation and Computing Engineering Laboratory
Computational Imaging & Graphics Laboratory

Engineering Mechanics and Energy

Laboratory nameResearch outline & Web address
Energy Conversion Lab
Computational and Structural Mechanics Lab
RC Laboratory
Research group on earthquake & tsunami engineering for lifeline systems resiliency
Advanced Infrastructure Systems Nihio Laboratory
Reseacrh Group on Hydrospheric Environments
Coastal Remote Sensing Lab
Combustion Research Group
Granular Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineeing Website
 Yamamoto Lab.
Energy Systems Laboratory
Asai Lab.
Innovative Systems Lab.
MagnetoPlasmaDynamic Engineering Lab.
Polymer Engineering Laboratory
Space Propulsion Laboratory
Lab. of Mathematical Fluid Dynamics
Interface TRansport Research Laboratory
Shimamura Laboratory
Shintaku Laboratory
Complex Phenomena Solving/Simulation (CoPSS) Lab.
 Morita lab.

Risk and Resilience Engineering

Laboratory nameResearch outline & Web address
Soft Computing Group
Endo Lab
Reliable Computing Lab
New Energy System Lab.
Akimoto LAB.
 Energy Risk Lab.
(Suzuki Kengo Lab.)