Career after Graduation

After graduation, students have many options open to them including advancing their studies at the graduate level. In fact, 85% of undergrads proceed on to graduate school. At the University of Tsukuba you can enroll in either Graduate School of Pure and Applied Sciences, the Doctoral Program in Materials Science and the Doctoral Program in Applied Physics, all which are recognized as 21st Century Center of Excellence (COE) programs. These programs correspond to the undergraduate College of Engineering Sciences and provide the highest standards of education and produce research recognized by the engineering community.

For those who wish to pursue personal careers after graduation from the Interdisciplinary Engineering Program will be in constant demand by a wide variety of institutions ranging from universities, industry, public and private sectors, etc. Based on it’s founding principles, the University of Tsukuba is fostering human resources who have “internationality”, “future-vision” and problem solving abilities. Graduates will enter the workforce with a great ambition, a progressive mindset and have been educated in a diverse amount of fields.