Student Finance at Tsukuba

Planning your finances for university studies can be difficult. Your main expenses will be tuition, accommodation rent, food and living expenses, travel, and personal expenses.

Students with high academic ability may qualify for a full or partial tuition fees waiver and/or scholarships for one of more years of their program. The university also offers a wide variety of other services - affordable accommodation, cafeterias where high quality, filling food can be had for reasonable prices, second hand shops for students to buy necessities for their rooms, and free use of the university computer network.

In cases where the student's home country is able to provide financial assistance, the university is happy to work with the student to apply for those funds. For example, students from Scandinavian countries may be eligible for tuition and living allowances.

The university has registered with the US Department of Veterans Affairs, allowing the use of GI Bill benefits at Tsukuba.

Although you may be able to get some scholarships, you should plan your finances conservatively, with the assumption that you will not receive one.