Graduation research is the cumulation of your hard work over four years.  You will join a faculty member’s lab, and complete a year long research project.

Some examples can be seen below

Effect of the holoparasite O. minor on clover host growthLouis Irving
Production of chimeric HEV-VLP-M2 protein in tomato fruit and tobacco leaves as edible vaccine against influenza A virusMichiyuki Ono
Localization of encapsulation promoting lectin (EPL) in the hemocytes of Mythimna separataSeiichi Furukawa
Effect of mutiple nutrient pressures on differential root growth of Poa annuaLouis Irving
Functional analysis of gnl3 by reverse genetics and overexpression in Dictyostelium discoiduemHidekazu Kuwayama
The role of CoA-disulphide reductase in Galdieria sulpheraria under metal stressAyumi Minoda
Mixotrophic cultivation and lipid accumulation of a lichen phycobiont Elliptochloris subsphaericaKenichiro Ishida
Soil respiration at different stages of ecological succession on MiyakejimaMitsuru Hirota
Effect of amber on pathogen toxicity in C. elegansKazuichi Sakamoto
Reverse genetic analysis of psnE3 in Dictyostelium discoideumHidekazu Kuwayama
Starvation-induced maturation in Drosophila melanogasterYuko Shimada-Niwa
Elucidation of lysosomal glycogenolysis significance in Dictyostelium discoideumHidekazu Kuwayama
Impairment of mitochondrial homeostasis in PSME4/ECPAS mouse testisTomoki Chiba
Genotype-specific media optimization for shoot regeneration with Dumaguete Long Purple eggplant (Solanum melongena L.)Kazuo Watanabe
Morphometric analysis of corals collected during the Tara Pacific ExpeditionSylvain Agostini
Inflammation and mitochrondiral respiratory dysfunction in an aging mouse modelKaori Ishikawa
Phtheirospermum japonicum derives benefit from host despite not being attached to nutrient-fed rootsLouis Irving
The suppression effect of Drino inconspicuoides on a hosts phenoloxidase activitySeiichi Furukawa
Phenotypic observation of DDB_G028809 & DeeJ in Dictyostelium discoideum cellsHidekazu Kuwayama
Exploring new lineages related to a eukaryotes-like planctomycete bacterium Candidatus Uab amorphumKenichiro Ishida