Bachelor's of Global Issues' students during a Model United Nations conference
Bachelor's of Global Issues' students in a field trip to underground sewage system
Bachelor's of Global Issues' students during a discussion

Develop human resources capable of being active in the global field at home and abroad

BPGI is a program to develop human resources capable of solving global issues including global environmental changes and the world’s population and food problems through a broad range of knowledge.

What is BPGI?

The Bachelor’s Program in Global Issues at the University of Tsukuba is more than a traditional academic program. This program not only prepares students for future careers but also allows them to make a meaningful contribution to society. Join the Bachelor’s Program in Global Issues to gain the knowledge, skills, and experience to become a leader in global sustainability.


Think of it as a way to learn how to fix “wicked” problems. With a strong focus on Project-Based Learning (PBL), students gain hands-on experience tackling real-world sustainability challenges, SDGs, and environmental issues. In addition, you will develop a strong understanding of how all problems are interrelated and how an interdisciplinary approach is indelible to solving them.

What are contemporary global issues?

Global Issues are complicated and modern problems that affect the whole world. For example, even the bread we have for breakfast can show issues like the high cost of energy needed to bring wheat from faraway places, how people involved in making and delivering our food are treated, how much waste we create, and the unequal distribution of food around the world.

What skills will I learn?

You will develop practical skills in project management, collaboration, and problem-solving by working on projects in international, interdisciplinary teams.

BPGI’s Features

Courses offered in English

No Japanese skills are needed. You only need to demonstrate that you can handle academic English.

Study for a semester in Tokyo

Spend a semester at the International Christian University (ICU). Take advantage of your time in exciting Tokyo.

Scholarship opportunities available

The MEXT scholarship track is available this year. If you don’t make it, you can still apply for a tuition reduction to help pay for the course.

Global employment or higher studies

Work for a global company. Or apply to top-graduate schools around the world.

Admission fees & Tuition

BPGI’s Curriculum

Bachelor's of Global Issues' curriculum's aspects

You will study courses in environmental and human aspects for the first 3 years and focus on graduation research or an internship for your final year.  To know more about the curriculum design we offer, please click below.

For more information about BPGI

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