The Earth is a unique planet with full of water and life including human being, and has a history of 4.6 billion years. Environmental protection has become a global and urgent topic, and people hope to use the earth system more effectively without destroying it. The College of Geoscience offeres English and Japanese programs for Bachelor of Science in Geoscience to aquire the general knowledge and insight of the evolution of the Earth, the natural processes on the Earth, and the interactions between natural environments and human activities, which would be the basis for the development of sustainable society.

English Program

The University of Tsukuba is the only university in Japan offering a degree in geoscience in English. The 4-year program in English started in 2011 and is now well established.

The program is aimed at students who hold a non-Japanese passport. Knowledge in Japanese is not expected.


Details of the Program in English


Japanese Program

Students who can read and write Japanese at native-speaker level have the option to take equivalent courses in the program in Japanese.



Detail of Program in Japanese

Japanese Website