Planning your finances for university studies can be difficult. Your main expenses will be tuition, accommodation rent, food and living expenses, travel, and personal expenses. This page will provide information regarding financial information for students entering the English program in Agro-biological Resource Sciences.

Tuition fees

Students entering this program will have the admission fee (282,000 yen) and tuition the first semester (267, 400 yen: Sept – Mar) waived.  After this, students are expected to pay tuition – 535,800 yen per year.  Partial and full tuition waivers are available for high performing students with financial difficulties (details here).


The University’s Tsukuba Scholarship is open to all students, and provides 60,000 yen per month living allowance.  For first grade students, the scholarship period is September to March.  Thereafter, the scholarship period would be from April to March.

There are a variety of other scholarships available to international students, and the university can help students apply.  Please note that many scholarships require students to hold a student visa, so students who have a Japanese passport may not be eligible for some scholarships.

A list of scholarships can be found at the university’s main webpage (details here)