The Undergraduate Program of International Social Studies (TISS) offers the degree of Bachelor of Arts in International Social Sciences, which can be earned through English only classes.


  • Developing global citizens who can respond to the needs of a global society, with the ability to accurately recognize, analyze and solve the various problems arising all over the world.
  • Providing discipline-based foundations for insights into cultural, economic, political, social, and information technology issues emerging in the era of globalization.


  • Bachelor of Arts in International Social Sciences


  • Responding to the diverse and advanced needs of society with strengthened interdependence and cooperation between the College of Social Sciences and the College of International Studies.
  • Focusing on the comprehensive and multidisciplinary study of international affairs, including the study of languages other than English and analytical methods drawn from social sciences and other fields. Offering insights into key topics in both Japanese and international social studies using a multidisciplinary approach.




April 1974

Establishment of College of Social Sciences (First Cluster of Colleges)
— Composed of 4 majors (Sociology, Law, Political Science, Economics)


Establishment of College of International Relations


College of International Relations renamed itself as College of International studies
— International Development Major was added as a result of the reorganization of the college


Establishment of School of Social and International Studies
— as a result of the reformation of the undergraduate system


Inauguration of Undergraduate Program of International Social Studies (Global 30)

August 2010

First students of Global 30 entered the program


“Global 30 (G30)” abbreviation changed into “TISS”