Educational Objectives

The College of Social Sciences offers a cross-disciplinary education in sociology, law, political science and economics, while also allowing students to focus on a chosen specialist area within each field. We encourage students to have highly professional skills that are supported by a fundamental understanding of the various disciplines of social sciences.

The College encompasses the study of sociology, law, political science, and economics in one organization, whereas these fields are commonly established as separate departments or courses in other universities. Our system makes it easier to study interconnecting areas more broadly, which is our core strength. As their Field of Major, students choose either Sociology, Law, Political Science, or Economics at the end of their second year.

About the College

At the College of Social Sciences, social sciences in the broad sense acts as the foundation to each specialized course offered to students. We are looking for students who can question the way society is developing, who have a flexible and independent mind, are sincerely eager to seek the truth, and have the aptitude and skills critical in taking on research in social sciences at the university level.

Students will embark on one Field of Major in their third year:

  • Sociology
    Students study the ideas and theories behind sociology along with practical analytical techniques, to be able to capture the situation of current society from various perspectives. This is followed by advanced courses and field studies that test the skills learned.
  • Law
    Students study the six basic laws of Japan and other laws to cultivate a reliable legal mindset.
  • Political Science
    Students' pure desire for information is empowered with objective judgment for a clear understanding of the complex political situations that are increasingly crossing borders and becoming global concerns.
  • Economics
    The objective is to understand the mechanism and performance of economic activity, a critical part of human society, in order to obtain the insight and capabilities required to lead in today's society.