Biology is the study of life. Biologists study living organisms and the environments in which they live; from the tropics to the poles and from the deep ocean to the top of Earth's highest mountains.


From molecular biology and developmental genetics to ecosystem ecology, biology is a vast subject providing a wide range of potential subjects to study. Biologists study a wide range of environmental problems, from climate change to food security, or biodiversity conservation, with the study and manipulation of biological systems fundamental to our survival and development as a species.

The College of Biological Sciences comprises a wide range of specialists, from ecology to taxonomy, mathematical biology and molecular biology, allowing students to develop a wide range of skills and a comprehensive understanding of biological systems.  Our department focusses on natural and semi-natural environments, and the plants and animals living in those environments.  

The College of Biological Sciences is one of the top 10 ranked biology colleges in Japan, and offers excellent resources for both students and researchers in the biological sciences.  As well as our on-campus facilities, we have several research centers, including marine and montaine field stations, and a state of the art gene research center.

The Japanese undergraduate program accepts around 80 students annually, while our English language program accepts around 10 - 15 students.