First Year Students

(International Social Studies, Life and Environmental Sciences)

Students applying for first grade entry to one of the Life and Enviromental Science programs (Biological Science, Agrobiological Resource Sciences, Geosciences) or International Social Sciences (Social Sciences, International Studies) will undergo a 2-stage screening process.  

In the first stage, program staff will review your submitted documents with particular focus on your motivations for applying, and the fit between your academic goals and the program content. A pdf of helpful advice about writing your study plan (personal statement) can be found on the applications pages.

The second stage screening consists of a 20 – 30 minute online interview.  Examiners will ask a range of both general and specific questions covering your motivations for applying to our program, and specific points arising from your study plan.

Key dates:

Online application periodOctober 25th to December 7th (until 5:00pm JST), 2023
Notification of application numberEarly January
Notification of first stage screening resultsMid February
Payment period for second screeningMid February
Second stage screening/Individual InterviewMarch
Notification of final resultsEnd of March
Admissions proceduresMid April
Enrollment dateSepember 1st, 2024
Entrance ceremony / OrientationLate September

Please refer to the Application Guidelines available on the application site for full details.