Bachelor of Science in Biology

The 21st century has been dubbed the "Century of Biology". Technological advances have led to a revolution in our understanding of the relatedness of living organisms, and to the development of new research fields seeking to understand the processes underlying organismal development. Meanwhile, our society faces a broad range of challenges in terms of both food and fuel security. All these research areas and more can be studied in our undergraduate degree program in biological sciences.

We offer an undergraduate degree program in Biological Sciences, aimed at students which hold a non-Japanese passport. Our 4-year program starts at a basic level, learning foundational subjects in biology, chemistry, and physics. In the second and third year, students can choose from a wide variety of courses, allowing you to explore new areas, or to specialize in one particular subject. In their final year, students will join a research lab and complete a 1-year research project. In your project, you will conduct cutting edge research, supervised by experts in the subject.

In addition to major subjects, students are encouraged to take up to 1/3 of their credits in other subjects, as elective courses. You will also take a range of transferable skills classes, which will teach you important skills, such as data analysis, presentation skills, and technical writing. These skills are important both in scientific and non-scientific fields and help improve graduate employability.

Our program has a broad focus, with subjects ranging from genetics and cell biology, through developmental biology, animal and plant biodiversity, biochemistry, ecology, and evolutionary biology.  Please note, our program has a strong focus on the basic biology of non-human animals and plants.