Study in Japan

Welcome to study in Japan!

The Trans-Pacific Program accommodate students from partner universities to study at the University of Tsukuba and gain equivalent credits in all fields of study available for undergraduate and postgraduate education.
The students can take classes conducted in English as well as those conducted in Japanese, as long as they demonstrate a sufficient level of language to participate in the classes.
Under this special program you can also study Japanese language and culture, and take advantage of living and exploring a foreign culture.

What are the advantages of coming through the Tsukuba Trans-Pacific Program?
The Tsukuba Trans-Pacific Program offers a full package of tuition fees with the Strategic Partner Universities in Latin America for promoting the exchange of students.

If you are a student in one of our Strategic Partner Universities and you are interested to come to Japan, this is your opportunity!

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(general information, visa, accommodation, scholarship, part time jobs, experience of students alumni, etc.)

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