August 1, 2022

Response on Admission AY 2023 to COVID-19

In recognition of the ongoing COVID-19 impacts on our prospective students, we have decided to extend its practice to make the standardized test such as SAT and ACT (to evaluate mathematic skills) listed in IDE's Application Guidelines optional for AY 2023 applicants. All prospective students who are able to submit their scores are yet strongly encouraged to do so. However, there will be no penalty for those who are not able to submit scores. The TOEFL or IELTS test score to demonstrate English proficiency is still required for those requested.

Admission policy

  • To acquire solid basic skills in mathematics and Aspiration to lead the next generation of manufacturing in an ultra-smart society
  • Proficiency in English language, necessary to devote the study of engineering fields
  • Basic skills in mathematics, required to study a wide range of engineering fields
  • Aptitude and motivation for studying in the field of engineering

Academic Objectives

This course, in which students are able to earn academic credit through classes conducted in English, aims to provide students with a firm foundation and specialized knowledge in the field of the Science and Engineering from interdisciplinary perspectives. The vision of this program is to make our graduates as a front-runner in Science and Technology, contributing substantially in realizing the next-generation smart-society.

IDE Application requirement

Selection Method

Admission screening procedures consist of two selection stages. In the first stage, applicants will be screened through a comprehensive evaluation of the submitted documents. If successful, they will proceed to the second stage where individual interviews will determine the final selection of applicants.

  1. First Stage Screening
    A comprehensive evaluation of the submitted documents (qualification certificates, transcripts, certificates of English ability, test results of standardized examinations, reference letter, study plan, and other supporting documents).
  2. Second Stage Screening
    Individual interviews will be conducted for applicants who have passed the first stage screening. The interview will be used for an overall evaluation of the applicant’s English abilities, basic academic knowledge in the field of specialization, and desire to contribute to the Bachelor’s Program in Interdisciplinary Engineering.

Please download the following application files here:
IDE Application Guidelines
Personal Statement (Essay) (Form 1)
How to write your Personal Statement
Financial Plan (Form 2)
How to write your Financial Plan
School Information (Form 3)
Reference Letter (Form 4)
Notice of Change in AY 2024 and AY 2025 Entrance Examination


Key dates:

Online Application and Payment of the Examination Fee for the First Stage Screening October 26 (from 12 p.m. JST), to December 16 (until 5 p.m. JST), 2022
Notification of Examinee Number January 7, 2023
Announcement of Successful Applicants from the First Stage Screening February 10 (9 a.m. JST), 2023
Payment of the Examination Fee for the Second Stage Screening February 10 (from 12 p.m. JST) to 14 (until 5 p.m. JST), 2023
Second Stage Screening (Pre-operation Check for web-based interviews)* March 1, 2023
Second Stage Screening (Individual Interviews) March 1 to 10, 2023 (To be announced)
Announcement of Final Successful Applicants March 30 (10 a.m. JST), 2023
Enrollment Procedures April 7 to 21, 2023
Enrollment Date September 1, 2023
Entrance Ceremony and Orientation Late September, 2023

*NOTE: Applicants can sit for the Second Stage Screening (individual interview) in their country of residence via the Internet (e.g., through Skype). Before taking the web-based Interviews, they must do a pre-operation check of their internet connection at a designated time.


**[Notice] Regarding the Change of AY 2023 Entrance Examination for the Interdisciplinary Engineering Program

Bachelor's Program in Interdisciplinary Engineering considers mathematics ability as a requirement for applicants' qualification, and we evaluate the ability by the test scores from the unified examinations of each country.

From the AY2023 entrance examination, the list of the unified exams to be used for evaluations will be changed. Detailed information can be checked at "this link".

***Note: The University of Tsukuba only accepts TOEFL iBT scores from a single test date, not MyBest scores


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