Ph.D Program in Empowerment Informatics

In a world where surgeons rely on high-tech robots to help guide their scalpels and wholesalers use intelligent software agents to negotiate contracts, multidisciplinary skills are essential. And that’s just what students are being equipped with through the University of Tsukuba’s PhD Program in Empowerment Informatics, which combines cutting-edge research in arts, business and medical science into a new field aimed at overcoming human constraints through more seamless connections with technology.

Master's Program in Computer Science

The University of Tsukuba's Computer Science English program gives students the opportunity to be on the frontline of Japanese research into large-scale computing, while taking their coursework in English. And being located in Tsukuba — a planned city with one of the world’s largest clusters of public research centers and innovative science start-ups — opportunities for groundbreaking, interdisciplinary collaborations abound.

Master's Program in Library and Information Science

The objective of this Master's program is to educate international students in Library and Information Science. This course will provide a comprehensive education based on multidisciplinary fields of study, encompassing the fundamental and applied subjects in Library and Information Science. Students will also develop their research skills in the multidisciplinary fields of managing diverse information resources.