Masters Program in Life Science Innovation

The Life Science Innovation Program offers degrees in the research fields - Disease Mechanism, Drug Discovery, Food Innovation and Environmental Management. What makes this program unique is that the students will be provided with academic background and at the same time, gain technical expertise through internships at different national and private institutions in Tsukuba City. The knowledge gained on the field of specialization will help them find innovative approaches that are cross-disciplinary and create synergies between these fields.

Master's of Public Health Program

Students can choose one of two options within the course, based on their academic background, professional experience and future plans. The standard approach takes two years, with the second year devoted mainly to a research project and thesis on an aspect of public health. This is recommended for those thinking of pursuing a PhD in their research project area and is the path chosen by Vincent, whose thesis is on the awareness among Haitian mothers of hypertension during pregnancy.

Ph.D Program in Human Biology

Creating a new product to reduce smoke inhalation from cooking stoves in the recently independent Southeast Asian nation of East Timor is not what most people would expect in postgraduate course. But that’s exactly what Kouta Niizuma did during his overseas placement when he signed up for the PhD Program in Human Biology (HBP) at the University of Tsukuba.