Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most Frequent Asked Questions by the students of the Trans-Pacific Program in the past months:

1. What happens upon arrival?
The students welcome under the Trans-Pacific Program are welcome and picked up at airport by a representative of the University of Tsukuba and addressed to the University Residence assigned to the student in advance.

2. Where am I going to live?
Students are invited to stay in the University Residence. Please, consult the website of Exchange in Tsukuba for more detail

3. Do I need to purchase Health Insurance?
It is required that a student who is planning to study for more than 90 days in Japan gets registered in the National Health Insurance (Kokumin Hoken). It is not relevant if the student purchased an insurance from overseas, as this is a requirement for being enrolled as a regular student in a university in Japan.
The price of the National Health Insurance depends of the income of a student. Usually, students pay about 22,000¥ per year (as the fiscal year 2016) divided in small monthly payments if required in the City Hall at the time of enrollment. If the student is coming for a fraction of the time (not one year, but six months or 90 days) the amount will be divided in monthly payments and assigned according to the number of months of their stay in Japan.

4. How is the Academic Year in the University of Tsukuba?
The University of Tsukuba start its courses on first and second semester each year. Regularly, the First semester's classes starts on the second week of April and finishes on the third week of June having the final examinations between the last week of June and the first of July. The Second semester's classes starts on the first week of October and finishes on the second week of February having the final examinations until the third week of February.

5. How about the Courses Registration?
In the University of Tsukuba, the courses are organized by two academic semesters. Every semester, the student can go to the first two up to three weeks of all the courses of their interest in all faculties, and then the student have to make a decision about which courses he/she would like to take the credits from.
It is highly recommended that the student spend sometime in classes of his/her interest before making a decision about the courses to take, as the first classes are also part of the integral courses and subject to evaluation.

6. How to use the bus?
Bus route:

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