Program Outline

The Trans-Pacific Human Capital Development Program aims to strengthen international student exchange with the leading universities of Latin America located in the countries of the Pacific Alliance and Brazil, as we have maintained long term academic relations. These universities are: El Colegio de Mexico (Mexico), the University of Los Andes (Colombia), the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (Peru), the University of Chile, and the University of San Paulo (Brazil).

We hope that the Trans-Pacific program as a collaborative program contributes to promote the development of shared solutions to the global problems. We hope that every year more students will be interested to get to know Japan and Latin America, and extend their knowledge about these cultures for a better understanding of our common challenges. We believe that cultural exchange enhances the new generations of citizens to be ready to face global and environmental issues based on mutual cultural understanding.

This project implements a credit transfer and academic record management systems as well as degree-awarding exchange programs – in order to have quality assured programs – for inbound and outbound exchange students of Japanese higher education institutions (and overseas partner universities as well).

Our objectives
- Give our students, faculty members, and administrators greater chances to explore their full potential by exponentially enhancing mobility and breaking all barriers that stand between nations and institutions.
- Enable our staff and students to engage in research and education that take advantage of all resources that the global society has to offer by transcending all barriers that stand between nations and institutions.

Creating a Transborder University for a Brighter Future!

last update: June 21, 2017 PS