Student Support at Tsukuba

We understand how intimidating it can be moving to a new country. Many of the teachers on the International program hail from other countries, and many have lived in multiple countries before coming to Japan. As a university, Tsukuba is one of Japan's most internationally diverse, and we understand that living in Japan can be intimidating, particularly for those who may not speak Japanese (yet).

We provide an academic adviser and personal tutor for every incoming international student. Academic advisers are professors, who are responsible for the students academic development. They provide guidance in terms of graduation requirements, and are generally responsible for the student's well-being. Academic advisers are also responsible for providing recommendation letters for scholarships and tuition fee waivers.

The tutor is a senior student in the university who has a responsibility to help their junior with all their day to day living requirements - such as registering at the city hall, buying a bike, opening a bank account or shopping for groceries. Senior students often have similar cultural backgrounds to their juniors, and generally have a lot of information about local services relevant to the junior (for example, a Muslim student may need advice about where to find a mosque, or a Jewish student may need information about local businesses which can supply kosher food).

The University also has a thriving International Students Association (TISA), and numerous English - Japanese conversation groups where students can make friends and develop a support network.

While not a campus support system, the city provides a large amount of information in English via its Tsukubainfo page, as does the Prefecture via its "Ibarakey" blog. "Advice for Tsukuba residents" and "News for Tsukuba residents" Facebook pages also exist, where people can ask questions on a wide variety of topics and benefit from the experience of others in the local community.