National Health Insurance

All international students with "Student" visa status are required to enroll in the National Health Insurance program. The medical expenses incurred by the students are reduced to 30% by joining the National Health Insurance program. Although this insurance carries a nominal premium, approximately 20,000 yen a year, it brings the students advantages especially in the case of serious illnesses or injuries that require hospitalization. Family members also enrolled in the program receive a substantial discount.
The National Health Insurance Card is issued by the National Insurance Section of the city hall upon presenting the Residence Card and a list of family members also residing in Japan. Newly enrolled students are advised to enroll in the National Health Insurance program simultaneously with their Notification of the Address at the city hall.
If your enrollment is late, you may have to pay the insurance retroactively, and you will also have to pay the full amount of the incurred medical fees for the period you do not have a National Health Insurance Card. You are requested to notify the city office whenever you change your address, apply for an extension of period of stay, or depart Japan after the expiration of your term of study.