Procedures for Bringing One's Family (Length of stay over 90 days)

Students who wish to bring their families to Japan for a period of more than 90 days can apply at the Regional Immigration Bureau for a Certificate of Eligibility for them to obtain for the residence status of "Dependent." With this Certificate, your family can obtain the necessary visas without difficulty.

Necessary Documents

  1. Application for Certificate of Eligibility (Part 1, Part 2R (Dependent)) One application per person. The names, etc. must be the ones of the family members you intend to bring to Japan.
  2. Two photos of each member of your family you intend to bring to Japan (4 cm ×3 cm, no hat or backgrounds)
  3. Statement of reason for residing with family The statement should include the reason and the period of residence with family and the present living conditions of the applicant (international student), etc
  4. Documents certifying the relationship between you and your family (at least one of the documents listed below along with a Japanese translation. Please note that two or more documents may be required, according to circumstances.
    • Family register certifying marital relations and/or parent-child relations
    • Certificate of authority-acceptance of a written report of marriage
    • Certificate of marriage
    • Birth Certificate
    • Equivalent documents other than the above
  5. The student’s original passport and one copy
  6. The student’s original alien registration card and one copy. You must notify the City Hall in case you have changed registered matters (i.e., your address, etc.).
  7. Certificate on registered matters for alien registration (you must apply for this at the City Hall)
  8. The student's original student ID card and one copy
  9. Certificate of enrollment of the student
  10. Transcript of academic record (in the case of research students, a letter of recommendation from their academic advisor)
  11. Evidence of financial ability to cover living expenses, tuition fees, and other expenses while in Japan
    • Certificate of bank balance or a copy of the applicant's (student's) bankbook.
    • Certificate of Monbukagakusho Scholarship (for Monbukagakusho Scholarship students)
    • Certificate of scholarship (must include the amount and the period of the scholarship) (for recipients of scholarships)
  12. Certificate of exemption from tuition fees (for students who have received an exemption from tuition fees)
  13. Documents listed below in case the student receives remittance from his/her home country (along with a Japanese translation)
    • Written oath of remittance from a lineal relative
    • Certificate of employment and tax certificate of the lineal relative
    • Certificate of deposit balance of the bank account of the lineal relative
    • Evidence of remittance (Examples: remittance notice copies, check copies, bankbook copies, etc.)
    • Evidence of the relationship between the lineal relative and applicant
  14. Equivalent documents other than the above
    • Copy of contract for apartment or certificate of admission into dormitory
    • Contract for part-time employment, certificate of engagement in other activity (work permit)
    • Self-addressed envelope with the applicant (student's) address and name written on it with 430yen in stamps for a fixed size envelope or 470yen in stamps for unfixed, large-size envelope)
    • Others required documents as necessary
  • Submitted documents will not be returned to the applicant regardless if the application is accepted.
  • All certificates must be issued within three months of submission
  • All documents drawn up in a foreign language should be submitted along with a Japanese translation

Non-regular students (research students, etc.) cannot apply for rooms in the family dormitories. If these students wish to bring their families, they must first find an apartment off campus.

Short-Stay (Length of stay under 90 days)

In case of short stays within 90 days, the student's family may just apply for the "Temporary" visa directly to the Japanese Consulate in the country where the student's family resides.

Certain countries such as USA and the EU have visa-free visiting for short-stay trips that is called a "Tourist Visa". Please check with your local Japanese embassy to see if your home country qualifies for this special visa.

Students from China, Russia, or CIS countries should also submit the following documents when applying to bring their families:

  • Statement of Reason for Invitation (including photographs, letters, or email showing relationship)
  • Itinerary for visiting Japan
  • Certificate of Identification (Not necessary for Monbukagakusho Scholarship students. who may instead submit a Certificate of Monbukagakusho Scholarship. In the case where your guarantor is your supervisor, a copy of his/her Employment Certificate is required.)
  • Certificate on Registered Matters (available at City Hall)
  • Certificate of Enrollment and Certificate of Monbukagakusho Scholarship
  • Other documents as required by the Immigration Bureau

Childbirth Registration

You are requested to undertake the following procedures if your child is born in Japan:

  1. Register the Birth
    Notification must be made within 14 days of the birth. You need to submit a certificate of birth (issued by a doctor) and the maternity passbook.
  2. Alien Registration
    The registration procedure must be completed at the city hall within 60 Days of the birth
  3. National Health Insurance
    You can apply for this while completing procedures 1. and 2. at the city office if you want your new-born child to be enrolled in the National Health Insurance program. A lump-sum birth allowance is paid if the mother is enrolled in the National Health Insurance program. Please apply for this at the same time.
  4. Infant Medical Welfare System (Maru-fuku)
    Assistance is available for the payment of medical expenses for infants who are in the third grade of elementary school or younger. For further information, please contact the Welfare Section at the City Hall.
  5. Obtain a Qualifications for Residence
    If a newborn child stays in Japan for more than 60 days, an application for permission to acquire status of residence must be made at the Immigration Office within 30 days of the birth. For application, you need to submit a certificate of acceptance of the birth register (this is issued at a municipal office when the register of birth is completed as in (1) above), the maternity passbook or the certificate of alien registration of the child, and the passports of the parents
  6. Obtain a Passport