Obtaining a Visa

After receiving the Certificate of Eligibility, please go to the nearest Japanese embassy or consulate in your country with the Certificate of Granting Permission for Admission Formalities as Research Student or the Notification of Successful Results to apply for a "Student" visa. Please note that there may be cases when you will be required to submit additional documents. Therefore, please confirm the required documents with the Japanese embassy or consulate by telephone, etc., before attending at their offices.

Please note that the issuance of a visa is not guaranteed even if you apply with a Certificate of Eligibility. The final decision of issuance of a visa is made by the Japanese embassy or consulate. If there are no problems, it usually takes one to two weeks from application to issuance. However, this period may vary depending on each embassy of consulate. Please ask the embassy or consulate when you apply.

For information about Japanese embassies and consulates, please see here.

For information about Japanese visas, please see here.