Student health and mental welfare are taken extremely seriously by the University. We have a University Health Center on campus, where students can receive a wide range of treatments, including internal medicine, orthopedics, psychiatry and dental treatment. In the case of more severe injuries or illnesses, we also have a large training hospital.

Bilingual Japanese and English counselling is available to all students, both through the University Health Center and at the Global Commons.

Students are required to have a yearly physical examination, which is provided free-of-charge by the University in conjunction with the University Health Center.

Students are required to pay into the National Health Insurance scheme. Under this scheme, ther government will cover 70% of of the costs of any medical treatments. This greatly reduces costs, with a visit to the dentist costing only a few hundred yen (a few dollars).

Additional information can be found at the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's website (pdf)