Tuition Fees

Below is a brief overview of the tuition fees and methods of payment. If you would like more information, please follow this link:
Time line and more detailed information

Admission Fee and Tuition
Student Type Admission Fee Tuition Fee
Undergraduate and Graduate Students ¥282,000 Annual: ¥535,800
Credited auditors ¥28,200 Per credit: ¥14,800
Non-degree research students ¥84,600 Monthly: ¥29,700 (Annual: ¥356,400)
Exchange students None (Per Credit) ¥14,800
Exchange research students None (Monthly) ¥29,700
The amounts above are subject to change
Payment Methods
Student Type Admission Fee Tuition Point of Contact
Undergraduate and graduate students Payment with payment receipt at the time of enrollment procedure Payment Period
1st Six Month Period: May
2nd Six Month Period: November
Payment through money transfer
Division of Financial Management, Department of Finance and Accounting (Administration Center 3rd Floor, Tel 029-853-2161)
Credited auditors Payment with payment receipt Corresponding Academic Service Office
Non-degree research students Payment with payment receipt Division of Student Exchange
Exchange students None Payment with payment reciept Corresponding Academic Service Office or Division of Exchange Student Exchange
Exchange research students
Note: Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) Scholarship Students (including Nihongo Kenshusei) are exempt from payment of tuition, etc.
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