Tuition Fees

Tuition FeesFor most students, tuition fees are one of the biggest expenses they have to budget for. This is particularly true for international students, where in some countries, tuition fees can be substantial.

The university offers first semester free for all English program undergraduate students, and then charges domestic fees for all subsequent years. Furthermore, the University waives the normal entrance fee, meaning that aside from accommodation and living expenses, first semester at Tsukuba is free for English program undergraduate students.

For high achieving students, a limited number of tuition fees waivers are also available via the International Student Center.  33, 50 and 100% waivers are available, although 100% waivers are rare, and are targetted at exceptional students with extreme financial difficulties.

Admission fees and tuition are as shown in the table below.

Student Status Admission Fee Tuition
Undergraduate* & Graduate ¥282,000 (Annual) ¥535,800
Credited auditors ¥28,200 (Per Credit) ¥14,800
Non-degree research students ¥84,600 (Annual) ¥356,400
(Monthly) ¥29,700
Exchange students** Exempt (Per Credit) ¥14,800
Exchange research students** Exempt (Monthly) ¥29,700

*Admission fee and tuition fee (1st semester) are waived for students enrolled in undergraduate courses in English under the Global 30 Programs.
**The students under the inter-university exchange agreement are exempt from tuition payment.

Payment Method

The tuition/fees mentioned above should be paid as indicated below.

Student Status Registration Fee Tuition Inquiries
Undergraduate & Graduate Submit payment receipt when applying Payment through money transfer.
Transfer dates:
1st term: May 27
2nd term: Nov 27
*or next working day, in case of holidays
Division of Financial Managment, Department of Finance and Accounting (Administration Center 3rd Floor, Tel. 029-853-2161)
Credited auditors Payment with payment receipt Corresponding Academic Service Office
Non-degree research students Division of Student Exchange
Exchange students Corresponding Academic Service Office or the Division of Student Exchange
Exchange research students

Monbukagakusho scholarship students (including Nihongo Kenshusei) are exempted from payment of tuition/fees.