ScholarshipsThe University provides a limited number of scholarships for high performing students.

For students entering our undergraduate English program, the first year Tsukuba Scholarship comes with a 60,000 yen per month stipend. As first year is only 1 semester, the scholarship lasts 7 months.

Second through fourth year undergraduate Tsukuba Scholarships are also available. These scholarships pay 60,000 yen per month, and last for 12 months. 

Currently, approximately 30% of incoming first year English undergraduate program students receive a Tsukuba Scholarship. In later years, students which distinguish themselves academically will be eligible for the Tsukuba Scholarship.

A wide variety of other scholarships are also available, such as the Japan Student Service Association (JASSO). The JASSO scholarship pays 48,000 yen per month. Generally, students who do not receive the Tsukuba Scholarship enjoy a high rate of success in first year. Please note that the JASSO scholarship is not available for Japanese dual nationals (however, dual nationals can take advantage of JASSO loans and other finance options offered to Japanese students). Further information about scholarships administered by JASSO can be found on their website.

Students with some Japanese proficiency have access to a wide range of scholarship. However, a few scholarships (such as the Toyota and Mitsubishi scholarships) do not require Japanese proficiency.

Each year approximately 40% of students received a scholarship.

Scholarship Information

The Japan Student Services Organizations (JASSO), local governments, international associations and private foundations provide scholarships for outstanding international students (mostly degree students). They are all competitive; therefore, it is essential that you make a financial plan to cover your expenses during your study in Japan in case you are not selected by any scholarship organization.

Some scholarships need to be applied for through the enrolled university in Japan while others can be applied for directly by the applicants. Please note that only a few scholarship foundations invite applications before the students’ enrollment in a Japanese university.

Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) scholarship are offered through the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology to provide international students the opportunity to study in Japan.

Scholarship through university recommendation includes “Japanese government scholarship (Monbukagakusho Scholarship) through Domestic Selection”, “Tsukuba Scholarship”, JASSO Honors Scholarship, and scholarships through private foundations. Interested applicants must apply through the “Selection of Scholarship Grantees for Self-Supporting International Students” announced in April and June.

Scholarships through individual application are announced every year on the bulletin boards at respective academic service office or at the Division of Student Exchange. Every year scholarship openings from around 20 scholarships foundations are announced as soon as they become available.