On-Campus Housing

The University of Tsukuba student residence halls were established to offer its students excellent study environment along with the opportunity to experience autonomous civic life. A total of 65 residences with 4,000 rooms are located in Ichinoya, Hirasuna, Oikoshi, and Kasuga Campus. Every room is furnished with a bed, a table, a washbasin, a dormitory telephone etc. One can afford to stay in the dormitory if things of personal use are arranged.

Furthermore, every building has a laundry room, a communal kitchen and shower room, etc. Also each campus (excluding Kasuga campus) has a community center that has the Administrative Office (In Kasuga Area, it is established in the 1F, Building 1), a beauty and hair salon, and an electric goods store. In addition, Hirasuna Community Center has cafeterias and bath house, and Ichinoya Community Center has convenience stores.

In addition, Global Village, shared accommodations for both Japanese and international students studying at the University of Tsukuba, commenced its operations on April 1, 2017. It has been established as a part of the Global Residence Development Project that aims to promote internationalization on campus. Each unit is equipped with a kitchen and a shower room, and residents are allowed to use the laundry room and the Community Station on premises.

Each unit is equipped with a kitchen and a shower room, and the university makes sure the rooms are available to undergraduate freshmen on a priority basis. When the number of new applicants exceeds the available number of rooms, students coming to Tsukuba from different district/state are given priority over those local students who can possibly commute to the university from nearby areas.

Monthly Rent for a single room:

  • Premium: 12580 yen
  • Basic: 6830 yen
  • Average service fees: around 6830 yen
  • Electricity will vary based on personal usage

Contact Information

Student Residence Hall: General Questions
Student Welfare and Dormintory section in Divison of Student Welfare
(Student Plaza 3F)
TEL: 029-853-2266 EXT:2265

[Student Residence Administration Office]
Student Residence Hall except Short Stay House and Global Village
Hirasuna Administration Office (Hirasuna Community Center 2F)
TEL: 029-858-0131

Short Stay House
Short Stay House Administration Office (Ichinoya #35-1F)
TEL: 029-856-7220

Global Village
Global Village Administration Office (Daiwa Lease Community Station 1F)
TEL: 029-896-5281