On-Campus Housing

Rules for residents

Since the dormitory is a shared facility, there are various rules that must be followed. For details please refer to the "Guidebook for Dormitory Life”.

For those who correspond to any of the following rules, please be aware that you can be ordered to move out.

  • If you are in arrears with the rent for more than three months for no reason.
  • If you do not move out, even though your period of residence has ended.
  • If you lodged someone other than a resident.
  • If you befoul or damage a facility in any way and do not pay for the cost required to restore to its original state.
  • If you disobey a necessary instruction for management and operation.
  • If there was a false entry in your housing application.
  • If you violated a condition of eligibility.
  • If you committed an act that poses a problem for management and operation.

Internet access/Phone

Internet access is provided free of charge in all rooms by wired LAN.

Telephones are installed in each room of the residences except those on the Kasuga Campus. Phone calls between residences are free of charge. External lines can be obtained by making a contract.

How to make phone calls:

  • From any residence to the university via an internal line, dial 90 plus the last four digits.
  • From a university internal line to the Ichinoya Residence, dial 137 plus the last four digits.
  • From a university internal line to the Hirasuna/Oikoshi Residence, dial 137 plus the last four digits.

Those who wish to make external calls should contact the Student Residence Telephone System Company, Hirasuna Residence Hall Building No. 3, 1st floor. Dial 029-858-7963 from an external line or 3099 from an internal line.


You must separate the garbage according to the regulations of Tsukuba City, and dispose of it by 8 a.m. on the designated day and in the designated disposal bins. Detailed instructions on garbage disposal are provided in a file titled, "About sorted garbage collection" which you will find in your room when you move in. These rules do not change when you move out from the university residence halls into a private apartment in the city. Please do your best to keep the environment clean.

*Large-sized garbage collection requires a special reservation and is done for a charge.

*According to the law, the city does not collect television sets, refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioning units.

Parking Lot

Students who want to bring their cars to the residence halls must pay a fee for the parking lot. If you wish to obtain a parking permit visit the Division of Student Welfare on the 3rd floor of the Student Plaza with your student ID card, driver's license, copies of your car's automobile inspection certificate (shaken shomeisho) and car insurance to apply.

If your application is approved, they will issue a parking permit to you. However, please note that there are cases where it may not be permitted due to the limited space in the parking lot (for family residences, only one car per family is allowed). As a rule, you are not allowed to use your car to commute to school from your student residence hall.

Students who do not have parking permits cannot park their cars in the residence areas.

Residence Office

The daily upkeep and maintenance of the student residence halls is entrusted to the University of Tsukuba Student Residence Hall Administration Offices of the Tsukuba Gakuto Shikin Foundation.

Contact details for student residence hall administration offices are as follows:

Hirasuna Residence Hall Administration Office

2-1-1 Amakubo, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-0005
Tel. 90-2900 (residence internal line); 029-858-0131 (external)

Oikoshi Residence Hall Administration Office

2-1-1 Amakubo, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-0005
Tel. 90-2910 (residence internal line); 029-858-0132 (external)

Ichinoya Residence Hall Administration Office

2-1 Tennodai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-0006
Tel. 90-2990 (residence internal line); 029-858-0133 (external)

Kasuga Residence Hall Administration Office

1-2-12 Kasuga, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-8550
Tel. 029-859-1193 (external)