Clubs & Societies

University life isn't just about the classroom. Social activities are an important part of your university life, providing opportunities to meet people from other cultures, make new friends, learn new skills or develop existing interests.

The University has over 240 student clubs and associations, from taiko drumming, and judo, to skiing, soccer, hiking, manga and anime, music and even Japanese comedic story telling!

Cultural Circles Federation
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Amateur Radio Club

This is club for people who are interested in wireless communication, a.k.a Amateur radio. The main purpose is to participate in contests such as JA & DX every year. You can acquire the license of "amateur radio operating" after joining the club.

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Amusement Creators

Amusement creators club was opened in 2008, students work on developing games, virtual reality and other programs. Activity depends on the yearly schedule.

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Art-Circle Zugadan Contact person by email
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Cinema Club

Members of club watch different movies together and go to eat together, also participate in various events depending on yearly schedule.

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Students in CLOVER circle help refugees in Japan. Motto "Care and Love for refugees". There are 5 teams that perform different actions: visiting, translating, Japanese language support, organizing teams, promotion.

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English Speaking Society

In this club students arrange regular debate and speech events in order to improve language skills and find new friends.

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Environmental Circle Eco-Ranger

"Eco-ranger" is a group of volunteer students who are interested in environmental issues. They initiate various events that help to save the ecology, especially in our university campus

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Flyers Club Aiolos

Paragliding/hang gliding etc.

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Gardening Club

Members of club have meeting every week and do field works once a week. In addition, members participate in different events such as yearly camp and Christmas party.

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Historical Society Rekitan

Rekitan is the traveling circle to deepen the insight about history. They visit different places such as museums, shrines, temples and castes.If you are interested in history of Japan. it is the great circle to join in!

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Igo Club

From Monday 17:00 to Friday 22:00 students can come at convenient time and play Igo, a traditional Japanese game. Also, students participate in contests twice a year (May and October).

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Ikenobo Flower Arrangement Club

Students can learn the flower arrangement (ikebana) under the quidance of experienced teachers and can create their own arrangements.

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International Talking Club

I.T.S stays for "International Speaking Club". Members of clubs can have conversation in English with both Japanese and Foreign students.

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Karuta Club

Members play competitive Karuta- Japanese game using Uta-Karuta cards.

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Yosakoi Soran is Japanese syle of dance usually held in festivals and other celebration. The concept of Kikirimai team is "Universal Sohran", therefore people of all gender, nationality and age enjoy can join the team. Students participate in festivals all over Japan.

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Magicians' Club

Members of club practice magic tricks of different scales (from table to on-stage tricks). Majority of members started after entering university, they regularly perform in university festivals.

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Manga Club

Students learn how to draw manga and draw own works. They can work using SAI and photoshop.

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Marine Club

Members of Skindiving Club participate in big events such as camping, trips to islands, practice in outdoor pool and many other things. (Please, refer to the yearly schedule). P.S Individual expenses may vary from 20000-250000Yen/Year

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