Campus Life

The University of Tsukuba has a wide range of facilities on campus,including world-class sporting facilities. Numerous restaurants provide a range of great meal options, from ramen noodles to Italian food. We also have restaurants with vegetarian and halal options. We have a bakery which serves a wide range of freshly baked produce every day, and even a Starbucks coffee shop in the library.

Two second hand shops sell used electrical and other goods, allowing students to get a cheap microwave or refrigerator. We have a campus bookstore where students can buy stationary (books are generally Japanese only, with English textbooks available from our library), as well as an art supply store, convenience stores, a post-office, and even a travel agency.

The University also has an on-campus medical center, providing a wide variety of medical services to students. Each year, students are required to have a free physical examination.

The city has a wide variety of facilities, shops and recreational activities. There are several shopping centers; Q'T and Creo are in Tsukuba center, with Dayz Town a few minutes to the south. In 2008, a new shopping center, Iias, opened in kenkyugakuen, and in 2013, a new Aeon Mall opened in the south of town, both of which have cinemas. There is a large Costco store approximately 5 minutes from campus. Also in the south of town is Tsukuba Yuu-world, an entertainment complex with bowling, an indoor climbing wall, Japanese public baths, and a cinema. The town also has a wide range of supermarkets, speciality shops, electrical stores and home stores, so all your living needs can be found inside the city.