The University of Tsukuba effectively combines courses in general education and those related to the student's major into a multidisciplinary format, instead of first providing a general education course, followed by a field-specific education course, as seen in many universities in Japan.

Students can start studying for their major field of study from the first year, while acquiring knowledge in a wide range of other academic fields where necessary, or according to personal interests. The student can plan the four years at Tsukuba University according to their own needs and interests, and discover the depth and fascination of learning that is different from what they experienced in their high school education.

Courses are offered under four Subject Areas:

  • Major Courses
    Major Courses focus on the major field of study
  • Basic Courses for Major
    Basic Courses for Major focus on the basics regarding the major field of study
  • General Subjects
    General Subjects include Foreign Languages, Information Processing, Physical Education, Japanese, and art
  • Courses Other than General Subjects
    Courses Other than General Subjects refer to the wide range of courses available in other academic fields.

List of Courses 2017

You can find a full list of courses offered in 2017 here.

Four Year Timeline

1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year
General Courses Specialized Seminar
Basic Courses for Major Internship
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