Exchange Program

Thank you for your interest in the Short-Term Exchange Program at University of Tsukuba! You need to prepare the below-listed materials to apply for our exchange programs. Application documents should be sent to individual exchange coordinators of University of Tsukuba through your home institution Exchange Program office.

Our Junior Year at Tsukuba Program (JTP) has hosted hundreds of international students who have been eager to study in Japan. It is not necessary for you to be fluent in Japanese to participate in the program, and yet you can take great advantage of cultural and academic opportunities. In order to assist you with your study of the Japanese language, culture, science, and technology, the JTP currently offers a variety of courses in English.

Those applicants who wish to conduct a research at a graduate level and do not require credits must arrange to have an application form sent directly from your home institution Exchange Program office to individual exchange coordinators of the University of Tsukuba at least 3 months prior to the beginning of their studies (Except for the case that you wish to start your study in April or October.) 

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