Biology and Life Science

At Tsukuba our professors are engaged in a broad range of cutting-edge research, ranging from the cell to the ecosystem. In the sections below, you can find information about faculty in the School of Life and Environmental Sciences, based around their research themes.


Animal Science

Animals biology ranges from cell and molecular biology, through developmental biology, physiology, ecology, and evolution. Research in our School aims to understand animal systems, and exploit that knowledge both to protect natural environments, and to further human civilization.

Plant Science

Over 80% of human calories are derived from just six plant species, underlining the importance of plant sciences to human civilization. Furthermore, as photosynthesizing organisms, plants are central to our efforts to limit the negative effects of climate change. Rising CO2, warming climates, the emergence of new diseases, ecosystem degradation, as well as the increasing demands from the continued growth of the human population pose significant challenges to agriculture, and plant science is of fundamental importance in meeting these challenges.

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