For Parents

For ParentsHere at the University of Tsukuba, we understand how nerve-wracking it can be when your child goes off to university. For many young people it may be their first time away from home, and coupled with the added worries of international study, we realize how scary that can be. At the University of Tsukuba we take this aspect very seriously - we understand parent's legitimate concerns, and in this section, we aim to reassure parents that their child is undoubtedly safer and better taken care of than they would be at a university in their own country.

Japan is an extraordinarily safe country. Violent crime is practically unheard of in Japan, and Tsukuba, as a small, rural town is particularly safe. Many foreigners are surprised just how safe Japan is - it is not unusual for a dropped wallet to be handed into the local police box with all the money still inside.

We have more than 200 student clubs and associations. Here, your son or daughter can make friends, both with other foreigners, and with Japanese students. This is very valuable part of their support network. English program classes tend to be very small, and our students tend to form a tight social group. Indeed, because classes are so small, instructors are able to keep an eye on all the students, and identify problems early, allowing us to take any necessary remedial actions.

The University takes student welfare very seriously. As of January 2011, we currently have over 2,000 international students from over 100 countries and regions studying at the University of Tsukuba. We have one of the best student support systems of any of Japan's universities. From on-campus secure housing to subsidized on campus meals, counselors who are fluent in a variety of languages, on-campus medical facilities, and our senior system where freshman students are allocated an experienced senior student to help them settle in to their new life, open bank accounts, register at the city hall, etc, the university's commitment to student support is well demonstrated.

Japan has excellent, affordable health care. Your son or daughter will receive a free annual comprehensive medical examination, helping to identify any potential health issues early. There are also on-campus, English language, medical facilities, as well as our university hospital for any larger concerns. 70% of all medical expenses are covered by Japan's national health insurance scheme, while private insurance to cover the remaining 30% is available for as little as 10,000 yen per year (about US$100).

Each program has dedicated support staff, who are generally bilingual in English and Japanese, although other languages too, in some cases. These staff work extremely hard on behalf of the students, and provide excellent support and a wide variety of help. A senior student, generally of the same nationality, is also allocated to each first year, so where possible, your son or daughter would have living support from someone who can speak their native language.

Your son or daughter will be allocated an Academic Adviser. As a parent, we believe you have the right to information about your child's progress. You can contact your child's academic adviser with any concerns you may have, and they will be happy to discuss matters with you.  

Should you wish to visit the University, please contact your child's academic advisor or their support office, who will be happy to arrange accommodation at our on-campus guest house. 


Please feel free to contact us at any time, if you have any questions about the program or the university, or if you have any concerns about your child's education at Tsukuba.