Greetings from the Director

The Tunis Office of the University of Tsukuba, formally known as the North African and Mediterranean Centre for Research and Education (Centre de l’Afrique du Nord et de la Méditerranée pour la Recherche et l’Enseignement or CANMRE), was established as the first overseas office of the University for the promotion of research and education in the North African and Mediterranean regions.

Our activities include assistance of: research collaboration with institutes in North African and Mediterranean countries, academic exchange which includes introduction of research activities in North African and Mediterranean countries, as well as research and educational activities in our university, organization of seminars and symposiums, student exchanges, contribution to higher education in North African and Mediterranean countries by offering Japanese language and Japanese culture training, coordination of study in our university, and the promotion of the research results of international collaboration.

Currently, the Office has expanded its scope and started developing research and educational activities from North Africa towards the Middle East (Mashreq countries including GCC) and Europe for the promotion of academic partnerships and triangular cooperation among MENA, EU and Japan. Considering the initiative developed by the Government of Japan, namely TICAD, the office also tries to extend partnerships from North Africa to African institutes. Our goal is to establish a Center of Excellence in North Africa for the promotion of research, education, and industrial cooperation for the stability and sustainable development of MENA through the establishment of a win-win partnership amongst academic partners.


Kenichi Kashiwagi
Associate Professor
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
University of Tsukuba