About the Tunis Office

Tunis OfficeWhat is now known as the University of Tsukuba Tunis Office was first established in May 2006 in Tunis, Tunisia as the North African and Mediterranean Centre for Research and Education or CANMRE (based on its French name).

The Office aims to promote academic exchanges and research collaborations between Japan and North African countries and to serve as a Center of Excellence for research and education. When the University of Tsukuba was selected as one of the 13 core universities for internationalization in 2009 for the Global 30 Project sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT), the Tunis Office of the University of Tsukuba became the regional center offering shared office services to all Japanese universities catering to the whole region of North Africa and the Mediterranean.

Activities include the following:

  • Networking between partner universities in Japan and North African countries
  • Distributing information on studying in Japan via the BUTUJ News Blog 
  • Coordination of student and faculty exchanges
  • Facilitation of conducting on-site entrance examinations and pre-enrollment orientation before coming to Japan
  • Support of research collaborations with institutes in North African and Mediterranean countries
  • Support of research collaborations and academic exchanges, which includes:
    • Introduction of research activities in North African and Mediterranean countries
    • Introduction of research and educational activities of the University of Tsukuba
    • Organization of seminars and symposiums
  • Contribution to higher education in North African and Mediterranean countries
    • Japanese language and Japanese culture classes
    • Support for foreign students who want to study in Japan
  • Promotion of research results of international collaborations


  • 1997: Beginning of academic exchange between Tunisia and Japan
  • 2001: Academic exchange agreement with Carthage University, Tunisia
  • 2004: Establishment of the Alliance for Research on North Africa (ARENA)
  • 2005: General Framework Agreement on Science and Technology Cooperation with MRSTDC, Tunisia
  • 2006: Establishment of the Overseas Office - Centre de l’Afrique du Nord et de la Méditerranée pour la Recherche et l’Enseignement (CANMRE)
  • 2008: Memorandum of Understanding with the African Development Bank
  • 2009: Establishment of the Office for Shared Utilization Bureau de l’Université de Tsukuba à Tunis pour les Universités Japonaises (BUTUJ)
  • 2014: Integration of CANMRE and BUTUJ into the University of Tsukuba Tunis Office

Educational Programs


  • Degree Programs:
    • Program in Economic and Public Policy Management (Master)
    • ABE Initiative Programs (Master, 17 courses)
    • JDS Program (Cooperation with Ministry of Food Agriculture, Ghana)
    • Ph. D. Program in Life Science Innovation
    • English Degree Programs (Undergraduate, Master, Doctoral)
  • Exchange Programs:
    • Junior Year at Tsukuba Program (Undergraduate)
    • Short-term Research Program for Sustainable Development of North African and Mediterranean Regions (Graduate students)


  • Degree Program:
    • Area Studies Innovation Program (ASIP)
  • Summer Program
    • Fursa Sa'ida Program (Arabic language training and cultural/field activities)