Tunis Office

The Tunis Office was the first overseas office established by the University of Tsukuba. It started operating in April 2006 as the North African and Mediterranean Center for Research and Education, a regional center of excellence, within the Tunisian National Agronomy Institute (INAT) in Carthage, a suburb in Tunis. It aims to foster collaboration between Japan and the North African and Mediterranean region through the further promotion of research and education. When the University of Tsukuba was selected as one of the 13 core universities for the Global 30 Project in 2009, the Tunis Office became a regional center offering shared office services to all Japanese universities catering to the whole region of North Africa and the Mediterranean.


For the latest updates, please check the list of overseas partner universities in Africa and the Middle East.


  • Mohamed Moncef Harrabi: Senior Advisor 
  • YOKOYAMA Maki: Coordinator, University of Tsukuba, Japan