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São Paulo OfficeIn April 2015, the University of Tsukuba established the Sao Paulo Office in the campus of the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil. As part of its global strategy, the University of Tsukuba aims to foster cooperation between Japan and countries in Central and South America with Brazil as its base. In October 2016, the University of Tsukuba was awarded funding for two projects by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) under the "2015 Re-inventing Japan Project" focused on our partner universities in Latin America, and the "Coordinator for Study in Japan Project" with focus on Brazil. The Sao Paulo Office aims to develop global leaders in the Pacific Rim towards a "sustainable society" as well as to enhance the University's presence in the region.


By collaborating with the Japanese-Brazilian communities in Brazil and other parts of Latin America, the University of Tsukuba sets out to foster global human resource development incorporating the strengths of Japanese thinking. Through joint activities with our strategic partner universities and regional high schools, the University endeavors to secure excellent international students, as well as to further promote academic exchanges with educational and research institutions in the entire region.

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For the latest updates, please check the list of overseas partner universities in Central and South America.

Grupo Sinergia Study in Japan

What's New


Nov: Arashiro Goya, President of Brazilian Society of Japanese Culture and Social Services, visits Vice President Benton

Oct: Coordinator for Study in Japan Project’s 4th Liaison Meeting on Accepting Students from Brazil Held

Sep: Judo delegation from Brazil visits President Nagata

      : Thank you for coming to "Brasil Week"!

Jul: "Study in Japan Fair" held at the Sao Paulo Japan Festival

May:  Coordinator for Study in Japan: 3rd coordination meeting for recruiting students from Brazil

Apr: Call for applications: Short-term exchange students to Peru

Feb: Dr. Kameda's research team visits Brazil to gather data

         Open-Talk/Presentation on Exchange Program with USP will be held on Feb 8th

Jan: Professor Kunihide Koda conducts Kendo Seminars in Brazil

          President Masato Ninomiya of Santa Cruz Hospital's Deliberative Council visits President Nagata

          Sao Paulo Office of the University of Tsukuba introduced at KOSHUKAI 2017

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  • Osamu Ohneda : Director, University of Tsukuba Sao Paulo Office 
  • Tadachika Koganezawa : Deputy Director, University of Tsukuba Sao Paulo Office 
  • Akihiko Yahata : On-site Coordinator, University of Tsukuba Sao Paulo Office (Brazil)
  • Nobuko Yabe: Coordinator, University of Tsukuba Sao Paulo Office (Japan)
  • Tomoko Tsuda: Associate Coordinator, University of Tsukuba Sao Paulo Office (Japan)
  • Guinther Mitsuhashi: Assistant, University of Tsukuba Sao Paulo Office (Japan)
  • Anna Asamizu: Assistant, University of Tsukuba Sao Paulo Office (Brazil)

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