About the Irvine Office

The Irvine Office of the University of Tsukuba serves as our University’s satellite office to support academic and research collaborations, as well as faculty and student exchanges between the two Universities.

The Irvine Office was officially established in June 2014 under a Memorandum of Understanding between the University of Tsukuba and the University of California, Irvine. Located within the University of California Irvine campus which is along coastal Orange County (the O.C.) in Southern California, it is near a dynamic employment hub in one of America’s safest cities. Approximately 64 kilometers south of Los Angeles, the campus and even its hospital, the UCI Medical Center, are accessible from major airports.

UCI shares many similar characteristics with the University of Tsukuba. Both are young universities and are recognized as a Top University under 50 in their respective countries. UCI and Tsukuba have three Nobel Prize laureates each  in chemistry and physics. For the past several years,  possibilities have been explored to grow international collaborations and exchanges at departmental levels.

Facts & Figures (2013-2015)

Total visitors from Tsukuba to UCI 58
Total visitors from UCI to Tsukuba 54
MoU/Agreements 4
Collaborative grants submitted 5
Ongoing collaborations 11

(As of July 2015)