About the HCMC Office


This office was established on August 6, 2009 at the Institute of Tropical Biology in Ho Chi Minh City. It serves as the liaison office of the University of Tsukuba with Vietnamese education and research institutions allowing for greater exchange opportunities for students and researchers. The HCMC Office promotes understanding of both Japanese and Vietnamese cultures by providing active support for the cultivation of globally-aware talents abd by establishing a network comprising universities and research institutions of other East Asian countries. 


  • Introduce research and educational activities of the University of Tsukuba
  • Organize university fairs, explanatory meetings, scientific short courses, and seminars in Vietnam
  • Provide support services designed to help simplify and enhance the study abroad experience for local students and their parents
  • Conduct entrance exams for Global 30 English courses in Vietnam
  • Support alumni networking in Vietnam
  • Assist research collaborations with institutes in Vietnam
  • Expand relationships with universities in Vietnam
  • Help other Japanese universities in international cooperation activities


Since 2004, the University of Tsukuba has been engaged in various international cooperation activities with Vietnamese universities, research institutes, hospitals and governmental departments. Activities include exchange of students, faculty, and researchers, organizing summer school programs and the JENESYS Program in Japan, and conducting experimental courses in Vietnam, among others. For the latest updates, please check the Global Partner Universities Network.

List of partner universities in Vietnam


Facts & Figures

As of April 2010, 1,944 international students are studying at the University. Although Vietnamese students ranked third, we intend to increase this number after establishing more  international cooperation activities with Vietnamese universities. With 3,600 Vietnamese students studying in Japan, the Vietnamese student community ranks 4th overall in number of international students in Japan. This figure has increased 12% from the year before. Cultural similarities and reputation for advanced technology are reasons cited for the popularity of Japan as target destination for Vietnamese students to study here. 

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