Alumni Network

German Tsukuba Society

The only European Tsukuba University alumni association is located in Germany. The German Tsukuba Society’s aims are to create a network between the University of Tsukuba and Germany based on shared experiences and information of its members. Members are both Japanese and Germans who spent time at the University of Tsukuba and want to maintain relations with the friends they made there. The Berlin chapter was founded in December 2013, the Bonn Chapter in February 2015. Both chapters organize club meetings and provide support and information for future exchange students as they prepare for their studies in Tsukuba. The Tsukuba University Bonn Office is actively supporting the activities of the German Tsukuba Society.

Tsukuba Alumni Network(T-Net)

In order to support networking amongst its alumni living abroad, the University of Tsukuba introduced the Tsukuba Alumni Network (T-Net). It is not only possible to create and update your own profile containing information about e.g. your place of residence, but also to search the database, send emails and stay in contact with T-Net members from your region. It aims not only at former exchange students at Tsukuba University but also at Japanese alumni at home and abroad, currently enrolled students and former and active teaching staff.

Baumkuchen Club

 The Baumkuchen Club is consisting of German exchange students and Japanese students interested in German culture and society. During the meet-ups, both German and Japanese is spoken. After returning back to their home country many former participants join the German Tsukuba Society to stay in touch with Tsukuba.