University of Tsukuba Webinars

Study in English at one of Japan's top universities!

Choosing the right university for your studies can be confusing. Getting the right information will help you choose the university and course which is right for you. To help you learn more about all the great reasons to choose Tsukuba and the programs we offer, we will be hosting a number of webinars over the next couple of months. After a short presentation introducing campus life, you'll have plenty of time to ask questions.

Key Facts

  • Top 10 ranked in Japan; top 1% globally
  • Excellent graduate outcomes
  • Low Tuition Fees - approx US$5,000 / year
  • Affordable cost of living; Financial support for high performing students
  • Located in Tsukuba Science City, less than 1 hour from central Tokyo
  • Learn Japanese while earning your degree
  • Diverse international program - make friends from all over the world
  • Excellent student lifestyle

Degrees taught in English (undergraduate)

  • Agrobiological Resource Sciences
  • Biological Sciences
  • Geoscience
  • Global Issues
  • Interdisciplinary Engineering
  • International Social Sciences
  • International Medical Sciences (Transfer entry only)

Japan Expert

Earn a degree taught in Japanese, with full language learning support.

  • Agricultural Science
  • Art and Design
  • Healthcare Science
  • Japanese Language Teacher training

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To get started, you can register for a session below. We'd also suggest that you take a look at our undergraduate programs, to find the course which is right for you.

We have provided a range of times to cover different geographic areas; however, feel free to choose the session with a time zone that works best for you, and click the link to start the registration process. Need a time zone converter? Click here


Sept 15 23:00 UTC
16:00 US West Coast
19:00 US East Coast
19:00 Peru
20:00 Brasilia
Sept 15 02:00 UTC
19:00 US West Coast
Sept 19 23:00 UTC
16:00 US West Coast
19:00 US East Coast
19:00 Peru
20:00 Brasilia
Sept 19 02:00 UTC
19:00 US West Coast
Oct 25 23:00 UTC
16:00 US West Coast
19:00 US East Coast
Oct 25 02:00 UTC
19:00 US West Coast

East Asia

Sept 23 10:00 UTC
17:00 Jakarta
18:00 Shanghai
19:00 Tokyo
20:00 Melbourne
Oct 29 10:00 UTC
18:00 Shanghai
19:00 Tokyo

South Asia

Sept 12 07:00 UTC
12:00 Pakistan
12:30 India
13:00 Bangladesh
Sept 12 11:00 UTC
16:00 Pakistan
16:30 India
17:00 Bangladesh

South East Asia

Oct 29 10:00 UTC
19:00 Jakarta
20:00 Singapore
21:00 Tokyo

East Europe / Africa

Sept 24 16:00 UTC
18:00 Cape Town
19:00 Athens
19:00 Kampala

West Europe / Africa

Sept 24 18:00 UTC
19:00 London
19:00 Lagos
20:00 Paris

All Regions

Nov 19 10:00 UTC
19:00 Tokyo