Student recruitment activities in Kazakhstan

Recent activities held in Kazakhstan pertaining to recruiting excellent students to the University of Tsukuba mainly through its Almaty Office were as follows:

1. Lecture visit to No. 140 Gymnasium named after Mukagali Makataev in Almaty on January 23, 2020, led by Almaty Office Coordinator, Ninomiya Takashi, and Borankulova Samal of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (KazNU).

2. Lecture visits to five high schools in Atyrau in western Kazakhstan on January 29 -30, 2020 with Ninomiya Takashi, Boranlulova Samal, and Mahdi Katsumata Shah (representing the University of Tsukuba's Office of Global Initiatives), with the five high schools listed as follows:
• Nazarbayev Intellectual School
• IT lycée
• Atyrau State Darun School named after Dosmuhammetova
• Atyrau State National Gymnasium
• Atyrau State Darn School