Thank you for coming to “Brasil Week”!

The University of Tsukuba organized “Brasil Week” at the university’s satellite office shared with the Tsukuba Integrated Information Center on the second floor of BiVi Tsukuba 2F, in front of TX Tsukuba Station, from September 22-25, 2017. As an open university, the University of Tsukuba promotes internationalization of education and research, and also in cooperation with the local community as part of Tsukuba Science City.

“Brasil Week” is the third in a series of international cultural weeks held by the University of Tsukuba, after France and Taiwan.

There were exhibits, several sessions featuring Brazilian culture and history, Bossa Nova concerts, and the samba parade. Sessions were also held wherein currently-enrolled Brazilian students talked about their experiences at the University of Tsukuba, the differences between Japan and Brazil, the differences between Japan and Brazil I was announcing my feelings in each language.

More than 2,500 visitors came to enjoy Brazilian food, snacks, and coffee. More people came to learn about the diverse Brazilian culture and charm, as well as the strong ties that bind Japan and Brazil together.