"Study in Japan" Fair in Brazil

The Sao Paulo Office of the University of Tsukuba, as part of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's "Coordinator for Study in Japan Project (Brazil)" organized a “Study in Japan Fair” exhibition booth during the Sao Paulo Japan Festival (Festival do Japão) from July 7-9, 2017. The Sao Paulo Japan Festival, an official event in Sao Paulo Province, is the largest event in the world that introduces Japanese culture, and this year, approximately 182,000 people visited in three days.

At the "Study in Japan Fair" booth, Mr. Akihito Yahata, on-site coordinator of the Sao Paulo Office, student returnees, and current study abroad students from Japan, with promotional materials from 29 partners and organizations in Japan, informed Brazilian high school students, college students, and guardians about Japanese universities and studying in Japan.

Frequently asked questions were on which university to study the desired field, how to gather information necessary for studying abroad, information on programs in English, learning Japanese, scholarships, living environment, among others. Approximately 1,250 people visited the booth for three days.

During the festival, Professor Kunihide Koda of the Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences and an 8th Degree Kendo Instructor, together with the Brazilian Kendo Federation, conducted kendo performances on the main stage. At the beginning of the performance, Professor Koda and Mr. Yahata mentioned about the "Coordinator for Study in Japan Project (Brazil)" and promoted study opportunities in Japan. Many spectators gathered in front of the stage, engaged in Japanese history and culture through watching the martial arts performance.