Coordinator for Study in Japan Project’s 4th Liaison Meeting on Accepting Students from Brazil Held

Dr. Concepta Margaret McManus Pimentel, Director of International Relations of CAPES, the Brazilian organization in charge of higher education support and evaluation, presented its new international program in a briefing session held for Japanese universities and institutions at the University of Tsukuba’s Tokyo Campus last October 18, 2017.

Prior to the briefing session, a meeting was held with Capes Director Connie Pimentel, officials of the Embassy of Brazil in Japan, MEXT, and the University of Tsukuba. The discussion was on the expanding functions and target areas of overseas bases to promote study in Japan as well as the forthcoming Study in Japan Fair organized by the University of Tsukuba in Brazil and Peru.

Director Connie of CAPES International Relations gave a presentation on the current status of Brazilian research and education, reflections on the "Science without Borders" Program, and the purpose and contents of the new internationalization program. With active participation from each agency, active exchange of opinions on the new program was held. Then, presentations were made by Sophia University, Chiba University, Tokyo Agricultural University, and the University of Tsukuba on their educational and research exchanges with Brazil.

Fifty-one participants representing 22 universities and 3 institutions attended the meeting.