Current students and alumni cheer for Tsukuba athletes at the 29th Summer Universiade 2017 in Taipei

The 29th Universiade Games, which is considered the Olympic Games for students, was held in Taipei, Taiwan from August 18 to August 30, 2017, and 23 players represented the University of Tsukuba in 10 competitions. Current students of the University of Tsukuba, who have been participating in the summer program at National Taiwan University, went to the swimming competition venue on August 23 to cheer for the University of Tsukuba athletes by waving the flag of the University of Tsukuba Taiwan Alumni Association. Alumni representatives provided pineapple cakes, a well-known Taiwanese specialty, to the University of Tsukuba team on August 26, 2017. It is impressive that not only the athletes, coaches, and trainers but also the faculty, staff, current students and alumni – are all united in supporting the players, and that also includes the support from the Taiwan Office of the University of Tsukuba.



Distribution of pineapple cake by Tsukuba alumni