Pointers & Safety Tips for Students Traveling to Brazil ( short-term programs, etc.)

The University of Tsukuba Sao Paulo Office has prepared the following pointers and safety tips for students traveling to Brazil, especially to those participating in short-term exchange programs.

【Plane Tickets】
· Compare prices offered by several companies (Purchasing your plane tickets from travel agencies could be sometimes cheaper than online bookings).
· There are mainly three routes to Brazil from Japan: via Europe, the USA, or the Middle East.
・Flying via U.S. airlines is relatively inexpensive, but you need to check-in again before boarding your plane to Brazil. Depending on your nationality, you will need a valid ESTA or transit visa even for connecting flights.

【Visa】Visas are required
· As a rule, even when traveling for a short period, you need to obtain a “tourist visa” (A different visa will be required for “study”). Applications for visa can be done by yourself. However, we advise you to ask a travel agency to do the visa application on your behalf by paying an additional service fee (Sample fees for tourist visas: about 14,720 yen + service fee 5,400 = 20,120 yen).
· Visa applications must be made at least one month before your scheduled trip. (If you are doing the visa application procedures two weeks before your trip, incomplete applications will result in longer processing time and the visas are more likely not to be issued in time for your trip). Do your visa applications as early as possible.

【In case of flights via the U.S.】 【Important】
· For Japanese passport holders and other nationalities under the Visa Waiver Program, you are required to apply for ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) online. It costs USD14. As a precaution, bring with you a copy of your ESTA approval screen image during your trip.
· At the connecting airport in the U.S., before re-boarding for your flight to Brazil you need to pick up your baggage which has to be checked in again.

【Money matters】 ONE Brazilian Real is approx. 35 yen (as of August 2017)
· Shopping using a credit card and withdrawing cash are common and generally safe.
· Apart from credit cards, prepaid cards can also be used (e.g. NEO MONEY, MoneyT Global, etc.). It is possible to obtain a NEO MONEY prepaid card in one day at LaLa Port in Kashiwa-no-ha).
· Exchanging money at local banks is not recommended due to the terrible rates they provide.

【On-campus system for students safety management when traveling overseas – even for private trips】
(Please follow the steps in order)
※ Must be completed by entering the insurance number first, then the OSSMA number, and so on.
→ ① Travel accident insurance: you can apply for this online. It is recommended that you include coverage for "treatment relief/rescue expenses" as well. Note that OSSMA (Overseas Students Safety Management Assistance) is not an insurance policy.
→ ② OSSMA: You need to complete the steps by registering your travel information in the Locator. This is required to receive services provided by OSSMA.
→ ③ Submit your “Overseas Travel Notification” (OTN) online to the University of Tsukuba’s site for this purpose.
· Please consult the “Overseas Safety Handbook” prepared by Global Commons (a checklist is available on the final page).

【Support services for your travel plans】 Consultation at the planning stage is also welcome.
· The University of Tsukuba has an overseas office located in the University of Sao Paulo (USP). It can help introduce you to related departments of USP, as well as to other Japanese groups, JAPAN HOUSE, and other partners of our university.
· From the viewpoint of safety, there are things that can be done and cannot be done locally. Please consult the Sao Paulo Office about your travel plans.

【Considerations to ensure your safety】In Brazil, you should know that you can “buy your safety with money”.
Please feel free to consult Mr. Yahata, Coordinator of the Sao Paulo Office, concerning accommodations and meet-ups.
· Price is not the only factor when deciding on where to stay. More important is making sure you have safe accommodations in a safe location. Mr. Yahata can offer advice on this.
· For airport transfers, you may also consult Mr. Yahata regarding reliable and trustworthy transportation services (this is necessary).
· When withdrawing cash by ATM, be very aware of your surroundings (In Sao Paulo, there are frequent occurrences of robbery while being trapped in ATMs.)
· When you encounter a robbery, never resist. Immediately, hand over cash worth 2,000 to 3,000 yen. Have this ready in advance as a precaution.

【Immunization (yellow fever etc.)】
· Immunization is not necessary when you are staying in Sao Paulo City only. However, there are several places in Brazil requiring vaccination, such as yellow fever, etc. Please consult the website of the Quarantine Information Office of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (http://www.forth.go.jp) for updates.

【Summary: The Sao Paulo Office of the University of Tsukuba can assist you in your travel planning needs.】
· Timing of the trip and members/people involved
· Accommodations
· Flight information
· Request for airport transfer
· Travel itinerary - activities
· Any other concerns you may have

【For information and inquiries】
Ms. Tomoko Tsuda, Coordinator, University of Tsukuba Sao Paulo Office (Japan)
Office of Global Initiatives
University of Tsukuba
3F Administration Center Building
Phone: 029-853-8481   
Email: saopaulo-office@un.tsukuba.ac.jp

Mr. Akihiko Yahata, Coordinator, University of Tsukuba Sao Paulo Office (Brazil)
University of Sao Paulo
Mobile : (005511)944734483
Phone : (005511)26480164
Fax : (005511)48013670
   Email: yahata.akihiko.fe@alumni.tsukuba.ac.jp






・クレジットカード以外の方法として、プリペイドのカードも使える(例:NEO MANEY、MoneyT Globalなど。NEO MONEYの場合は、柏の葉のララガーデンで即日発効も可。)

(以下の順で進める ※保険番号の入力、OSSMA番号の入力など、この順番でないと完了せず)

・本学のオフィスは、サンパウロ大学内にあり、サンパウロ大学内での関係部局の紹介は可能。その他、日系人団体、JAPAN HOUSEなど多数コネクションあり。




(1) 国際室サンパウロオフィス担当 津田  (本部棟3階 国際室内)
   電話 029-853-8481   saopaulo-office@un.tsukuba.ac.jp

CEL/Mobile;(005511)944734483/ TEL fix;(005511)26480164/ FAX;(005511)48013670
   E-Mail yahata.akihiko.fe@alumni.tsukuba.ac.jp