Summer Program on Japanese Language and Culture offered again this year in Almaty

Continuing from 2016, the summer program on Japanese language and culture was held at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (KazNU) on June 27-28, participated by seven high school students from the cities of Almaty, Aktobe, and Shymkent, as well as from Zhambyl State. Faculty and undergraduate Japanese language students of KazNU conducted lectures in Japanese language and culture.

On the first day, Shadayeva Madina, Japanese Language Course Director explained what the summer program is about and its scope. Afterwards, Senior Lecturer, Ninomiya Takashi, and two graduate students - Symbat Baltabekova and Raigul Kazhatova - lectured on Japanese characters. Yumi Ohnishi, a specialist of the Japan Foundation, provided tea ceremony experience for the students.

On the second day, Associate Professors Yerlan Akhapov and Zhanar Ashinova gave classes on Japanese society and culture. Two students who studied abroad, Madina Kanlybaeva in Hokkaido University and Karina Muratova in the University of Tsukuba, shared their study experiences. They explained that KazNU is focusing on studying abroad and that students are encouraged to study abroad in partner universities (Hokkaido University, University of Tsukuba, Saitama University, Waseda University, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, and Osaka University) while receiving scholarship. At the end of the summer program, participants enjoyed making some origami art and onigiri as part of the Japanese cultural experience. Tomoka Danjo and Kyoshiro Serikawa, University of Tsukuba students who are currently studying in KazNU, supported the participants.