Introductory lectures to Kazakhstan featuring the Kazakh language

Seven students from the University of Tsukuba joined a Russian language training course at Kazakh National University in March 2017. During the training course, a lecturer from Kazakh National University, Shadayeva Madina, conducted a special course to introduce Kazakhstan to the students, including a lecture on the Kazakh language.

The Kazakh language is the national language of Kazakhstan, the mother tongue of the Kazakh people. The Russian language is widely used in Kazakhstan, however, the Kazakh language is indispensable for understanding Kazakh culture and its people. The course explained the features of the language's orthography, phonology, vocabulary, and grammar while comparing it with the Japanese language.

Students from the University of Tsukuba participated in Russian language training in March 2016. This time though saw an increase in participants compared with last time, and consisting of undergraduate students from various specializations.