Seminar on JASSO scholarships for study abroad held

Director Keiichi Aizawa of the Bonn Office held a seminar to explain the scholarship program of JASSO last April 12, 2017. More than 30 students and faculty members participated. In the first half, ten students who studied at our partner universities in Europe, including Germany, for six months to one year under the JASSO program gave presentations on the purpose of studying abroad, their experiences and impressions.

In the second half, staff from the Student Exchange Division explained the structure of the JASSO support program, application procedures, and points to be noted. Professor Saburo Aoki of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences told the audience to be aware of what can possibly happen and take precautions in European countries undergoing transition now.

For students who wish to study abroad, it was a meaningful event to know not only the procedures necessary for study abroad, but also the preparation required such as language skills, and being responsible for risks on site.


 後半は学生交流課の職員による奨学金プログラムの仕組み、申請方法、留意点について説明がありました。また、人文社会系 青木教授は、今の過渡期にあるヨーロッパを実際に体験することへの力強い後押しの言葉とともに、世界で起こりうる様々危険の可能性に十分注意するよう話されました。